​​Get your dog to stand in a normal relaxed upright position. In Centimetres, measure from their nose, along the body up until their bottom (do not include the tail)!




Fitting your cat for a travel crate is quite simple.....


We would usually fly small adult cats in what is known as a size 3 crate or equivalent. These crates usually have dimensions of approx. 61cm in length; 40cm in width and 40cm in height.


Larger cats may need some additional room and we would therefore recommend a size 4 crate to give them the extra height required. A popular brand we use has dimensions of 67cm by 51cm by 47cm.




  • The cats head should be clear from the top of the crate and in no way touching

  • It can be a long day for the cat so do make sure they are comfortable

  • Certain airlines flying from Cyprus may reject your cat in a size 3 if there is not sufficient room in the crate






To ensure that your dog is fitted for the correct size travel crate, please follow the guidelines below and take the following measurements:

​​​In the same position, measure in centimetres from the floor to your dog’s elbow joint.

Width: as your dog stands naturally, measure in centimetres across the widest part of their chest.

Lastly measure from the floor to the top of your dog’s head or ears whichever is highest. Note: Your dog's head or ears must be clear from the top of the travel crate.

With these measurements you can determine the best size crate for your dog using the following simple calculation:


A + ½ B = LENGTH

C x 2 = WIDTH



REMEMBER: The crate has to be large enough for your dog to turn around fully, lie down without touching both ends and be able to sit up without touching the top of the crate.


The container requirements for different types of animals vary from specie to specie.


Using our knowledge, experience and resources, you can be rest assured that we will be able to assist you in all your container needs!


Whatever type of pet you have, we will provide you with the relevant details you need to measure, purchase or even build the right container for them to travel.


If this is asking too much from you, why don't you leave it to the professionals? We have experience in building custom built crates for different species of birds, rabbits, cats, dogs, snakes, turtles and more!


Should you be exporting your pet out of Cyprus, why not make use of our meet and measure service? We would be delighted to come and meet you and your pets in person and measure them for a container. We may also be able to provide them with a travel crate there and then!